The name “Ao dai around the world” was born with desire to collect and store Ao Dai photos which are taken over the world. From the world map on this website, you can see how far Ao dai have been gone from Africa, America, Asia to Down Under.
Generally, a non-profit organisation is an organisation that does not operate for the profit purpose, personal gain or other benefit of particular people. 

An organisation does not fail to be a non-profit if it simply provides a benefit to a member while genuinely carrying out its purpose. For example, organisations such as self-help groups can be not-for-profits if the benefits provided to members are consistent with the purposes of the organisation.

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We need to pay approximately 100AUD per month for website domain, hosting, database and internet resource to store photos online. The advertisements support for this payment. We are backing this project and contribute our time, efforts and talents for its success.
Please send us your enquiries to aodaiaroundtheworld@gmail.com or visit our official facebook facebook.com/aodaiaroundtheworld and leave a message.
By contributing photos, you have been enriching this Ao Dai gallery that helps people to understand more about Ao Dai and have a chance to respect its value. We just store your photos for non-commercial uses.
Definitely, you are more than welcomed. We respect all kind of contributions. Please contact us via email aodaiaroundtheworld@gmail.com for more details.
Our group currently have four people. We share admin duties, photos editing, design and technical works.
We are living beyond the borders of Vietnam now but we have the same passion of taking Ao Dai to new lands.
Please double clicks on “Upload” button on the top right of the menu bar and follow the wizard step-by-step instructions. You need to provide information including your name, email, location of your photos such as city, district (as much detail as possible). For example: Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.

We are much appreciated if you can provide some feelings, memories about Ao Dai or your trips with this dress.

You can watch this video clip to know the process: how it works
After uploading, you need to wait about 2 to 24 hours for us to approve your photos. Once we approve or reject your photos, you will received an confirmation email from admin to let you know whether or not your photos are accepted.
You can upload up to 4 photos at a time. The maximum size is 10MB for every photo. The minimum length and width of the photo is 600 pixels.
The photos need to show the beauty of Ao Dai in our daily lives and were taken at tourist attractions, iconic locations or famous areas.

We will make your photos become featured photos if they were taken at scenic spots, iconic locations and all areas that Ao Dai have not been there before.

Please have a look some featured photos in gallery page or map page for your reference.
You are going to receive an email from us within 24 - 48 hours about which photos is approved and the link lead you to your photos on web page.
Keep calm and check your inbox. 
A featured photo has a special meaning or a beautiful story behind it. It may be an artistic photo taken at iconic location around the world.

We will choose and decide which ones are featured photos and ranks them once a week (this may depend on the number of photos we received).

Featured photos will be recognised by a pink star () and appear at the top of gallery and in the footer of website.
No. You need to have ownership or authors’ permission to use the photos.

We encourage to share your own photos, photos of your family members or friends.

If we notice the photos have been copied without author’s permission, they will be removed from the website immediately without notice.
You can directly share photos from our website to facebook or other social networks. However, use and distribution rights belong to the contributor and author.

If needed, please contact the author of the photo for more details. We can contact them on your behalf in some cases.
We are so sorry if this situation occurs. Once you found out that your photos are being displayed on this website without your consent, please drop us a line via the contact page or email aodaiaroundtheworld@gmail.com with the evidences to prove that you are the photo’s author.

After checking, if the photos are actually submitted without your permission, we will remove them from the site permanently.
Privacy policy
No, we won’t. However, we need your contact information when uploading photos which are your name, email, location and info about photos. We never provide any information to third party without your permission.
Contributor and author
You will receive an email letter as an appreciation from us. Unfortunately, you do not have any benefit related to payment, fee, award or something like that, because this is a non-profit project.

However, we are planning to organise photo contests in near future to promote Ao Dai. The winners will have awards and gifts from our sponsors.

We appreciate your contribution and proudly believe that the greatest happiness is spreading your love with Ao dai and inspiring others.
Sponsored photos are submitted by our sponsors who paid for their photos to come up first on our gallery. Sponsor photos have blue certificate icon and always come up on the top of photos gallery to attract views.

To post a sponsored photo, the photo need to be good enough in terms of quality as well as its meaning. Depending on how long you would like to sponsor, the contribution fee will be different. Please contact us via email aodaiaroundtheworld@gmail.com for more details.
Comment and like
Yes, underneath every photo, there is a facebook comment box for you to share your thoughts about the photo. There are also like and share button for you to share on your facebook wall.

Comment needs to be written in proper Vietnamese or English. Swears and disrespectful words are prohibited. We will remove all inappropriate comments without notice.