Ao Dai around the world is a non-profit community project which was started by a young Vietnamese girl who has a great passion for her national costume.

Ao dai is the Vietnamese national costume, now most commonly worn by women.

The project started with a fanpage on Facebook and has been receiving a lot of supports and contributions from many Vietnamese people as well as other people from different countries who also love Ao Dai. This website is the next step to take Ao Dai further to every corner of the world.

There is an interactive Ao Dai world map on this website. It demonstrates all places that Ao Dai had visited. All photos are contributed by people who love Ao Dai and want to spread that love out to the world. The map cannot be filled by a person but it can be by the community.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. By looking at all markers on the world map, we can be proud of the community’s efforts to take Ao Dai beyond physical borders of Vietnam.

All photos on this website are not perfect photos that are taken by professional photographers with proper models. They are all about people around us likes our nannies, mommies, aunties, uncles, sisters and daughters or just ordinary people who love this Vietnamese traditional clothes.

You are going to fall in love with Ao Dai from here.

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